I'm devoted to swimming in open water year-round. If I had to describe my swim style it would be "non-competitive, inquisitive and adventurous". In the winter I love the challenge of seeking icy tarns high up in the mountains to swim in. I particularly like swimming in bodies of water beside places I would normally climb in the summer months. Some have suggested I pick up ice climbing in winter, then laugh and decline with 'that's a step too far and it's way too cold'.

I also enjoy partnering with businesses to help profile open water or 'wild' swimming to a broader audience. My written words have been featured in magazines such as Sidetracked, Summit and Cumbria Life and as well as hard back books, such as 'Taking the Plunge' by Anna Deacon and Vicky Allen.

I am the co-founder of Blue Mind Swim. This was inspired by my love of swimming and takes the form of a bi-monthly session, coaching and mentoring those keen to discover cold water skin (no wetsuit) swimming. I partner with a swim coach and 2 mental health practitioners to offer a safe place for first timers and it's such a privilege to watch people's journeys unfold! Much like my work with Women's Trad Festival, this is strongly tied to mental wellbeing.

This is my fourth year of swimming everyday in January for charity, see the media section for more information on this.

Most of the photos on here were taken by James Kirby - fellow ice enthusiast and swimming friend. James' wild swimming images have also been used in countless books, magazines and press articles across the UK and America.

For swimming films and icy dips head over the the media section of the website!